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About Dosti Realty

Ever since its inception in 1980, Dosti has been tantamount with trust, togetherness and reliability.


Our first priority has always been to make friends with our customers, a practice that has served us very well over the years. In the space of a little over three decades, we have built an impressive portfolio of over 5,500 homes that house over 27,550 residents in 92 impressive Dosti complexes, which occupy a total developed area of 5 million sq.ft. across Mumbai. Besides residential complexes, we have also made our mark in the commercial, retail & SEZ segments.


If one travels from Mumbai to Thane, the distinct look of Dosti creations and its all pervading presence can be noticed with several of its landmark residential, commercial and retail projects in Sion, Wadala, Parel-Sewree, Thane, Kalwa, Vasai, Andheri and Kandivali drawing your attention with innovative architecture and eye-pleasing designs.


The founder of Dosti Realty, Shri Kishan Goradia began his career as a humble primary school teacher. His unique combination of simplicity and prudent decision making ability enabled him to start Dosti Realty - a firm that emobodies trust and true friendship.

His achievements in the realty sector have earned him the honour of being a member of the Managing Committee of the Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI).

Holding a dual degree in Commerce and Law, he is the brain behind the architectural grandeur and beautiful landscapes that distinguish every Dosti project. His unique ideas have earned him respect as the visionary of the group, for not only is he the main strategist and negotiator, he has also enabled us to achieve a prominent position in the realty sector.

Besides fulfilling his responsibilities to the firm, he is also promoting the future of real estate by being an active member of the Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI).





To bring more and more luxuries into the category of 'affordability', giving our customers the chance to lead lavish lifestyles at reasonable prices.


To make the best quality residential and commercial real estate available to all.

To sustain the ethos of the organisation by celebrating the true spirit of friendship.

To focus on green building concepts in order to give both our customers as well as the rest of the world a healthier environment to live in.

To build futuristic projects that will transform the lifestyles of our customers.

To include state of the art lifestyle amenities, like multipurpose clubhouses, in all our projects.

To perpetuate our unique ideology of establishing friendly, long lasting relationships with all our customers and stakeholders.



Trust and Friendship

The logo symbolises Dosti Realty's core values and beliefs. The handshake and the word 'Dosti' connote trust and friendship forever, reflecting the group's commitment and a heritage that is over 30 years old. Our employees share a great camaraderie because 'Dosti' is not just the name of the group, but an all-pervading atmosphere of everlasting friendship.


We imbibe utmost honesty in all our employees, giving them absolute freedom to think creatively and perform exceptionally.


Ever since its inception, the group has staunchly maintained its impeccable record of creating 'Dosti Homes', which are nothing less than the highest quality.


All our transactions are based on transparency, whether they involve land owners, investors, suppliers, contractors or customers. Trust with transparency has always been a guiding principle of Dosti Realty.

Innovative planning

With innovative technology and avant-garde interior designs, we are able to develop stylish, modern projects at a rapid pace.



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